David E. Kelley bringing “Wonder Woman” back to TV

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"Wonder Woman" by MTV and David E. Kelly is coming.

David E. Kelley's no publicity hound like other television creatives (we're looking at you, Aaron Sorkin), but his quiet diligence has brought into our lives great shows like The Practice, Ally McBeal (I guess), Boston Legal, among many others. But now the guy's shooting for the stars: Deadline reports that David E. Kelley is shopping around a new Wonder Woman television show.

But here's the fun part: instead of leaving her in the WWII-era from whence she came, he's going to bring her to where we are — now! Yes, we're letting yet another midcentury hero return to deal with our post-9/11 ills, and there will be lots and lots of commentary on how, gee, when you think about it, things really haven't changed that much at all. 

But it should be cool, because Mr. Kelley's done some great stuff, and Ms. Woman is awesome. What non-Olivia Munn actor do you think they'll get to play her? Guess/wish in the comments!