David Simon and some other people win the MacArthur Genius Grant

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Twenty-three professionals deemed exceptional in their field were inducted into the 2010 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship yesterday. Among the outstanding recipients — including a marine biologist, an astrophysicist, a computer scientist — is The Wire creator David Simon.

Each "genius" receives $500,000 from the foundation to put towards their respective society-enriching projects. Simon said that while it fills him with guilt to receive money so easily (of course it does), "It makes it easier to go into the room with the network and argue against doing the usual thing in television."

David Cromer, celebrated theatre director and 2010 MacArthur fellow, suggested they all blow it on cake. Hah! Spend all that money on cake? Classic. Personally, I prefer the quip by David Simon's wife, novelist Laura Lippman: "Hey Genius, you forgot to take the trash out last night."