“Dexter” serial killer action figure angers parents at Toys ‘R Us

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Dexter action figure

Outraged parents are complaining that Toys 'R Us is selling a Dexter action figure, complete with blades, face mask and bloody gloves.

"I'm trying to raise my boys, and for it to be in a toy store is ridiculous," Myesha Reece told the local news in Houston, Texas. Of course, I'm sure Myesha Reece was there only to buy non-violent toys like WWE wrestlers and Sgt. Slaughter's G.I. Joe.

"I can't imagine with small children playing with or idolizing a serial killer," said Lance Schaper, who was shopping with his wife and children at Toys "R" Us. "That doesn't seem right."

Not only is the Dexter doll one of the hottest items at Toys "R" Us stores, but it's also causing a huge concern for parents who shop at the national chain with their children.

"To play with toys in regards to somebody that's on the show that's killing people and it's accepting? No. There's a cut off right there as far as children are concerned," Toyya Sigur said.

While many say it is not right for kids to play with the Dexter action figure, Toys "R" Us said its purpose in releasing them was to accommodate the adult collectors who watch the show.

"The figures are merchandised on a high shelf in the collector aisle and are clearly marked ages 18 and up – not intended for children," Toys "R" Us wrote in a statement.

We haven't been in a Toys 'R Us in almost twenty years, so forgive us for the question… but since when did Toys 'R Us market to an 18-and-up crowd? In any case, this whole controversy is just hilarious — cartoonish murder and pointless violence is okay, but not killing people who escape justice? Did we miss the report that said Texas is against the death penalty now?

Dexter action figure Toys 'R Us