Discovery Channel cancels Man vs. Wild

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I know what you're thinking: "If Man vs. Wild is canceled, where will I see videos of a man drinking his own urine now?" The answer is the internet, and also, I'm sorry I brought that up in the first place; let's just move on from it now and discuss it no further. Discovery Channel has released a statement that the network has severed its relationship with Bear Grylls, the affable adventurer who taught us so many useful things, like how to use a sheep carcass as a sleeping bag. (Step one: find carcass. Step two: get in. You're done!)

The cancelation comes after failed contract negotiations, in which the network wanted Grylls to sign on for two more projects. Maybe the fact that Grylls is now famous enough to get Jake Gyllenhaal to tag along on his extreme outings didn't help? I mean, you can only have a clothing line at Walmart for so long before you start feeling like you shouldn't have to drink urine at your day job. Unless that's his thing; no judgment, Bear. (Remember when I brought that up and we all laughed and laughed? Good times.)

So after six seasons of eating gross things, and drinking gross things, and turning gross things into ad hoc camping gear — and also sometimes secretly staying in a hotel, which I can understand — Man vs. Wild is no more. Let's remember the show in the least disgusting way possible, with this video of Grylls stripping naked to swim across an icy stream: