Don’t worry: Jessica Lange will be on American Horror Story next season

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Jessica Lange was clearly the best thing about Ryan Murphy's experiment with televised horror — give or take a Zachary Quinto, Taissa Farmiga, or Rubber Man — and she's got the Emmy to prove it. But when Murphy announced that the second season would have a totally different concept from the first, some people worried: will Lange chew scenery in such a slap-my-own-face-amazing fashion every week? Connie Britton had already mentioned that her initial deal was only for one season; Farmiga and barely legal hot-piece Evan Peters both stated their uncertainty about a return. But please don't worry: Lange will remain.

(I'd include the video in which Murphy assures Lange's spot in season two, but Bravo's being kind of a jerk about things. Click the picture to head over to Hulu.)

So, what will Lange get to do in the revamped season? I hope she won't be Constance, even though I love that woman with every fiber of my being. My deepest desire is that she's some kind of domineering, blazer-wearing, bitch-in-the-best-way-possible executive who, I dunno, builds her new corporate headquarters over a cemetery. But leave your best (and, probably, better) guesses in the comments.