Drunk Uncle crashes Weekend Update, your holiday weekend

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Drunk uncle

Since we've all tacitly agreed that we're not going to talk about the resurgence of Gilly on last night's SNL, let's discuss a reappearance that didn't make us want to lob Easter eggs at Lorne Michaels' house: Drunk Uncle.

This is Drunk Uncle's third guest spot, and at this point, I might be okay with him and Stefon being the only recurring characters on Weekend Update (with occasional appearances by Jason Sudeikis' The Devil). The gag never changes much, but the lines — "eBay of pigs," "I wore a tuxedo for a week!" — are some of the better things coming out of the SNL writers' room and Moynihan is always a good time.

The bunny ears Moynihan wore as he belted "Wonderful Eastertime" also made me giggle, so if we can get him in even wackier holiday accessories, all the better. I know I have my Life Day wookiee costume around here somewhere…