Duke sex list inspires a “Law & Order” episode

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Remember the brouhaha over that Duke 'Fuck List' way back when? Get ready to relive the excitement, as it's serving as the inspiration to this Wednesday's Law & Order: SVU

The comparatively timid NBC procedural will name the episode "Lay List." And, as Jezebel discovered (they've acquired a copy of the script), the details have been altered:
There are some major changes: "Caitlin  Lamarck" is a twentysomething working at an advertising agency in New York City, who makes the PowerPoint about the employees she sleeps with and then winds up dead at a party. Her list is called "‘My Lay List: A Scholarly Treatise On Office Relationships by Caitlin Lamarck." (Owen's was entitled, "An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling In The Realm Of Horizontal Academics.")
But the more things change, the more they stay the same:
Like the real-life Fuck List, though, Lamarck's 32-page document contains a bar graph of score evaluations, though SVU's is specifically penis sizes rather than cumulative scores. "The network said, ‘The bar graphs sort of look like penises,'" says Truly. "We really should have stopped that from happening."
But, unfortunately for Caitlin Lamarck, this episode begins with a murder — her murder, in fact. Here are a couple of script excerpts from the sure-to-be thrilling episode.
Excerpt 1: 
Excerpt 2:
So who exactly is the murderer? Tune in this Wednesday (or download this Thursday) to find out! Or, you know, don't.