“Eastbound & Down”, “Bored to Death” renewed for third season

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It feels like just yesterday that both HBO comedies were renewed for second seasons. Is Kenny Powers really going to leave the only woman who ever loved him behind at a gas station? Will Jonathan Ames, who in my estimation is only slightly better than Kenny Powers, finally piss off the wrong person and get himself killed?

I'm hoping that the Eastbound & Down creators continue the pattern of Where the fuck is he going now? established at the beginning of season two. The fish-out-of-water scenario that transplanted Powers into a Mexican border town was iffy at first, but now they have to roll with it, unless they have a completely incredible episode lineup for returning Kenny to the States. As for Bored to Death, I haven't tuned into the second season yet. Looking forward to all things Ted Danson, though.

A short documentary on the mullet of Kenny Powers: