Eighteen-year-old kills his brother, lawyers blame “Dexter”

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Eighteen-year-old adult person Andrew Conley plead guilty to strangling his ten-year-old brother to death, citing no reasons. The Indiana teenager said during the hearing held yesterday, "I am very sorry for murdering my little brother and I will never forget how much he meant to me and so many other people….I still have no idea why this happened, but I really wish I did."

Conley's lawyers are blaming Dexter and they even got Conley's girlfriend to come in and testify. Apparently, Conley idolized the TV killer, known for his methodical planning, warped-but-maybe-ok-on-some-level set of principles, his meticulous disposal of bodies, and of course, the reflective afterthought that wraps up most episodes. Conley, once again, strangled his ten-year-old brother to death and can't entirely remember the incident.

The copycat killer phenonmen is when an awful person pays homage to a killer by killing someone in the same fashion — not a completely different fashion, with little memory or understanding the incident.

Defense attorneys cite "mental illness." Yeah.