Eli Roth recreating the Milgram experiment for Discovery Channel special

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Eli Roth — the man behind Hostel and owner of some impressive chest hair — was tapped by the Discovery Channel to host How Evil Are You?, a Halloween special that will obviously be very scientific. (At least as much as American Chopper.) Besides comparing regular people's brain scans to those of psychopaths, whom I guess can be rented out for TV purposes, Roth will also recreate the infamous Stanley Milgram experiment, the 1960s examination of just how much people will ignore their own consciences when given instructions by an authority figure.

If you're wondering, the answer is "very, very much." In the Milgram experiment, while participants thought they were administering increasingly powerful electric shocks to another, less fortunate participant (to see if the pain would motivate them to do better on a memory test), they were actually hearing an actor in another room who was pretending to scream in pain, complain of heart problems, and eventually die. If they tried to stop, the person running the experiment would calmly insist that they go on. Lots of them did!* Awesome! We're all monsters.

Here's a short promo from Discovery, but you can head over to EW to see a slightly more in-depth look at the depravity that hides within all of us.

*This is massively simplified, and I'm not a psychologist, so maybe read up more about it if you'd like to bust out this story at a cocktail party. Because everyone loves a good story about how willing we are to follow orders and hurt each other.