Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

I'm sort of surprised this didn't happen sooner: Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are working together on a new comedy pilot for NBC, according to reports.

Details on the project thus far are still fuzzy. What we do know is that the show (which doesn't have a name yet) will be produced by DeGeneres, and star de Rossi as one of two dueling sisters, the second of whom has not been cast yet.

Okay, so we don't really know much at all about the show yet, but details will come. Even with hardly any information, this celeb spouse collaboration is as exciting as it is adorable.

Commentarium (9 Comments)

Sep 11 11 - 7:40pm

Anything that gets deRossi back on TV can only be a great thing. Especially since my patience waiting for the AD film to get into production wore out ages ago.

NBC. Really? I woulda hoped for HBO, but I guess I'll takes what I can get.

Sep 11 11 - 7:58pm

+1. Seriously, what the fuck has she been doing with her life?

Sep 11 11 - 11:51pm

@nope. Better Off Ted. Check it out.

Sep 12 11 - 9:22am

If ED and PdR were not a lesbian couple, this would not be news.


Sep 12 11 - 10:15am
Chloe Mace

they are not simply "a" lesbian couple--they are THE lesbian couple

Sep 12 11 - 10:43am

Also, there is a strong Arrested Development lobby at this blog, so it probably WOULD, in fact, have made this page.

Sep 12 11 - 12:41pm

Two and a half Les.

Sep 12 11 - 12:52pm

I vote Elle Fanning for the 1/2.

Feb 09 12 - 3:12pm
CJ Smith

I can barely wait! Anything starring Ellen will be good. As far as Portia, haven't seen any of her work.