Jew-sy Shore reality show about ex-Hasidic Jews is happening

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On the eve of the third night of Pesach (or is it the second? or fourth? or is Passover already over and we're onto that holiday where you carry the lemon on a stick now?), it is time for all Jews across America to solemnly reflect on the memories of our ancestors, whose traditions we will pass onto our own children for generations to come. In this spirit, some reality TV producer will pay homage to our rich heritage by showing ex-ultra Orthodox Jews doing body shots off each other whilst fist-pumping to a dub-step remix of "Dayeinu."

Shunned — which Gothamist refers to as "The Real Ex-Hasidim of New York" — follows three hip young Hasids who have turned their backs on Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox community. The series will follow the three cast members — twenty-six-year old fashionista/Star Wars enthusiast Luzer Twersky, twenty-four-year old Shauli Grossman, and his girlfriend Pearlperry Reich, who the producers are apparently trying to market as the "Hasid Hottie" — as they struggle to fit into the secular community, presumably resulting in wacky hijinks and hilarious misunderstandings about whether or not frappucinos are Kosher and the symbolic tossing of fur hats/head shawls in the air in the opening credits, a la the Mary Tyler Moore Show (producers are also looking for a fourth cast member, so if you too used to stand twenty feet away from every woman on the subway in case they happened to be menstruating, this could be your one-way ticket to Hollywood).

Basically, this could go one of two ways: it could either be super-exploitative or super-enlightening and awesome. I'm putting my money on a hearty helping of both. And if there aren't at least four jokes in the first ten minutes about whether or not Orthodox Jews have sex through a sheet, I will be very disappointed.