Arrested Development actor starts “Save Steve Holt” campaign

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Specifically, the actor who played Steve Holt. Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played the fist-pumping jock and secret Bluth, has yet to be contacted by the show's producers about appearing in the upcoming Netflix episodes and big-screen adaptation. (Big-screen sequel? Big-screen continuation? Is there a proper term for such a thing?) So he and two of his friends have started the Save Steve Holt campaign, with the goal of using the show's rabid online fan base to guarantee him spot in the upcoming projects. How will fans help? By tweeting with the hashtag #savesteveholt, writing to entertainment sites, and also purchasing eighteen-dollar t-shirts. (Please do not purchase an eighteen-dollar t-shirt.)

Now, I love Steve Holt, and Wade seems like a perfectly pleasant guy. And everyone's got to work their grind, I get that. But this all seems a bit… much. A bit hungry. A bit desperate, if you will. Calm down, Steve Holt! Even Jeffrey Tambor barely knows what's going on with this thing, as he told the A.V. Club just last week:

JT: He really is working on it. We’ve had lunch. But, honestly, I know you hear this all the time, but you know as much as I do. I think it’s a “yes” to all the categories, but the “when” is the big question. We’re all very excited, though. It’s great.

AVC: Has he teased you with any of the stuff he’s considering for George Bluth, Sr.?

JT: No. Nor would I ask. But nothing would surprise me.

Pump the brakes there, Wade. Don't worry, it's not too late for Mitch Hurwitz to give you a call! He hasn't even finished the scripts yet. (Which, let me be clear, I definitely hope you are in.) For AD superfans, Wade will be doing an "Ask Me Anything" on the Arrested Development sub-reddit in the coming weeks. And do feel free to tweet to your heart's content about the campaign. But seriously, you do not need that t-shirt.

Steve Holt!