Breaking Bad and Simpsons mash-up is predictably wonderful

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Breaking Bad Simpsons credits

YouTube has decided to be extra generous to us TV junkies this holiday season by giving the gift of a Simpsons-Breaking Bad mash-up. As you can imagine, it is glorious in every way. So step it up, Uncle Harry. If a video site can get us Ned Flanders as Walter White, socks just aren't going to cut it anymore.

Watching Ned and Bart act out the parts of Walt and Jesse would have been more than enough, but this video doesn't stop there. It features super-specific, super-amazing references such as Tuco's post-snort "tight!" rant and the infamous ATM scene. Jane also gets a nod, in a moment you will make you feel terrible for laughing so hard.

Would it be too greedy to hope for a sequel featuring Gustavo and Mike? Possibly as played by Burns and Smithers? Oh! And Grampa as Hector?! Screw that ticket to R. Kelly's cruise, this is all I want for Christmas.