Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig is planning a new show

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If you know anything about Paul Feig you know that he created Freaks and Geeks which is often called a "cult" hit, when it's really more of a religion; a one-season wonder (thanks, NBC!) that nevertheless kickstarted the careers of seemingly everyone in Hollywood. Oh and he also directed Bridesmaids. So take heed, TV-appreciators, because Feig stopped by Marc Maron's WTF Podcast recently and discussed his future plans in television.

"There is one TV series I want to do. It's a very personal. It's almost even more personal than Freaks and Geeks was, but in that same tone," said Feig.

Which is great news for everyone who remembers just how painfully good Freaks and Geeks was in the short, glorious run that effectively made it the James Dean of television shows. Now it seems Feig will be examining the insecurities and triumphs of a different age, saying he hopes to work with the material from his two memoirs to create a "coming of middle age story about both my dad and myself and going between the two. It's a lot of funny/awkward episodes."

Feig has become a sought-after TV director since F&G, with directorial credits that include 30 Rock, The Office, Arrested Development and Mad Men. In other words in what often seems like an entertainment wasteland (*cough* Two Broke Girls *cough*), the guy makes good television. We can only hope Feig will succeed in bringing the same delicate, closely observed realism that defined Freaks and Geeks to his other endeavors.

Now enjoy some Bill: