iCarly episode featuring Michelle Obama to premiere Saturday

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Remember when then-First Lady Nancy Reagan appeared on Diff'rent Strokes in 1983 to promote her "Just Say No" campaign? You know, she comes to Arnold's school because he tells her that drugs are being sold on the premises, and then she asks the kids in the classroom (who are all maybe eight-years old, tops) if they've ever bought drugs, and the entire class slowly raises their hands? I mean, I don't remember this because I was negative-six-years old at the time, but I totally saw it on VH1 retrospectives. Anyway, Michelle Obama appearing on Nickelodeon's iCarly to promote her support for the children of military families will be soooo much cooler.  

The episode, which premieres this Saturday, features Obama visiting lead character Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) after hearing on her web show that her father, an Air Force pilot, has had his return home delayed by a redeployment. In a clip from the episode (above), the First Lady tells Carly that she's proud of her for being strong while her father is away, adding, "My husband and I talk to a lot of people with families in the military." In another clip, Obama and her Secret Service men join the iCarly cast for one of the show's trademark "random dances," which gives viewers an opportunity to check out the FLOTUS's moves (and yes, they are just as impressive as her collection of Isabel Toledo cardigans).

Of the First Lady's performance, co-star Nathan Kress says that "she had a massive chunk of lines and she got it down just about perfect almost every time," adding that Obama (whose daughters are big fans of the show) did "incredibly well with the very small amount of time she was given." It's hard to disagree with Kress when you watch the promo clips from the show; the woman has so much poise that I would pay top dollar to see her reading the back of a box of Fruity Pebbles. Woody Allen, I think you might've found your next ScarJo.

Also, iCarly is a really good show. I'm just saying.