In Living Color is coming back to Fox

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Homey the Clown

Proving yet again that '90s nostalgia is here to stay, Fox has decided to bring In Living Color back from the sketch comedy grave, and will air two half-hour specials of the show during its upcoming 25th anniversary celebration. Keenen Ivory Wayans has come on board to host again, and if viewer response is good enough, the network might pick up the show for a full run in the fall with a brand new cast.

You probably shouldn't hold your breath about any guest appearances from former cast member Jim Carrey or former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez, but if I get a few more installments of "Men on Film," I'll be satisfied. 

Whether or not the show ends up back on the air, the real question is what TV staple from the Clinton years is up next for a comeback, what with Nickelodeon re-airing much of its old lineup and Beavis and Butthead back in action. My So Called Life  is out since Claire Danes is now way too perfect to ever embody Angela Chase again. My vote goes to either Pete and Pete or Roseanne, but the again, my indoor-kid TV nostalgia runs so deep that I'd even settle for Singled Out.