Key & Peele could be Comedy Central’s next big sketch comedy show

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Keenan Michael Key and Jordan Peele open the show with this quick sketch

Sketch comedy on television has a very defined life cycle: few shows survive their first year. Though there are a few notable exceptions (Your Show Of Shows, Flip WilsonMr. ShowKids In The Hall), most sketch-comedy shows (with the exception of Saturday Night Live) rarely live past four or five seasons. Pop-culture references change. Ensemble players become stars. Staff writers become head writers. Sunrise, sunset. 

Nearly eight years ago, we saw the cycle play out for Dave Chappelle and his own show. The show's sharp-tongued wit, fearless social commentary, and subsequent popularity rekindled an interest in sketch comedy, if a temporary one. After Chappelle's departure, Comedy Central tried again with Carlos Mencia, who later went on to be the most hated man in comedy. More recently, they tried again with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, but his racism in puppet form wasn't a success either. 

Today, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the latest pair to be tapped for their own Comedy Central sketch show, Key & Peele. Their faces should be a bit familiar, as they've popped up in various movies and TV shows the past few years. (They were also MADtv cast members, but we'll forgive that.) After seeing an advanced screener of the pilot, I'm excited about the show. Enjoy the following clip and tune in to Comedy Central on January 31st for the premiere.