I don't want to get hyperbolic here, but: if you manage to fuck up Mad Men, AMC, I swear to Jesus I will come over to whatever back alley you call a studio and I will cut you. (Or, in a more Don Draper-like move, I could aggressively fingerbang you.) The negotiations between show creator Matthew Weiner and AMC — which have been going on long enough that people were already wondering if a fifth season would happen — have apparently hit a new snag. According to Deadline:

[Weiner] is objecting to three things AMC/Lionsgate are asking for: integrating product placement into the series, cutting 2 minutes from each episode's running time in favor of more commercials and eliminating/reducing two regular cast members to save money.

Look, I'm a realist. I understand why AMC wants these changes; I'm sure Matt Weiner understands as well. But couldn't they do this shit to The Walking Dead, which was enjoyable but could have definitely been shorter and/or included a subplot about a quest for Big Macs and Febreze? My point is: Mad Men is really, really good. Don't mess with it, please.

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Commentarium (2 Comments)

Mar 29 11 - 4:48pm

sounds as if the studio is taking notes from the characters.

Dec 09 11 - 4:03pm

This is what always happens, a network realizes it has made a true gem of a show and have now determined to milk it for all its worth. Mad Menneeds to be left alone, it may not bring AMC high ratings but it brings them media attention, and a cult following.