New Girl shoots for zany by casting actress as lesbian gynecologist

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FOX's New Girl has just announced the casting of comic actress June Diane Raphael (Adult Swim's NTSD:SF:SUV, Starz's Party Down) as Sadie, a friend of Zooey Deschanel's character Jess. The show, which re-airs on November 1, will introduce the character in the ninth episode, describing Sadie as "a smart, slightly intimidating but helpful friend…she's an OB/GYN doctor … who's also a lesbian." 

Before it premiered in September, the show touted itself as "adorkable," and what could be more adorkable than a wise and supportive token lesbian friend? And what character brims with more comic potential than a wise and supportive token lesbian friend who — wait for it —  also happens to be a gynecologist? Because, you know, she gives new meaning to the adage "do what you love and love what you do," and she likes to "take her work home with her," and all kinds of other razor-sharp wit nuggets that fly around the Algonquin round table that is the FOX sitcom writers' room. 

It's, of course, possible that New Girl will treat the character of Sadie (who could potentially become a recurring character) with sensitivity and political correctness. But this is the same network that gave us Temptation Island and a show called C Bear and Jamal, so there'll probably a vibrating forceps joke within the first two minutes of the episode.