Watch: Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza bombs on The Tonight Show

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Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza was on last night's The Tonight Show, alongside the most ill-fitting guest of all time, Steven Tyler. And the TV-viewing world was not impressed.

 The Huffington Post slammed her, saying she:

"Gave nearly monosyllabic, uncomfortable answers to Jay Leno's questions, couldn't introduce her own clip, and more or less admitted that she just does what men tell her to do."

The clip they're referring to is when she discusses rushing not to miss her flight to The Tonight Show. Plaza stares blankly into the camera, with the most deadpan delivery and says:

"They threw me into the car and ripped my clothes off, gave me a bag of underwear and [deep inhalation] baby wipes… Then I came here." 

Is it just me, or is this girl on a next-level kind of funny? Her large faux-doe eyes reek of "I know exactly what I'm doing"… and I love it. I might even love it enough to watch Parks and Recreation. Check out the interview below. Is she boring and dry or subtly hilarious?