Sesame Street to tackle bullying with special episode

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Over the course of its forty-two year run, Sesame Street has addressed HIV/AIDS, world hunger, how to deal with the loss of a loved one, and the perils of contracting scurvy on the Cookie Diet. Now, the beloved PBS children's show will take on another big issue: bullying. Sesame Workshop, the production company behind Sesame Street, will kick-start their anti-bullying campaign with a special episode on Monday.

In the episode, Big Bird is invited to join an organization called The Good Birds Club, but is denied admission by one of the club's leaders, who taunts him for his size and the color of his feathers. When Big Bird asks fairy Abby Cadabby to make him smaller and turn his feathers blue, Abby encourages Big Bird to tell a grown-up about the bullying, explaining to young viewers the difference between tattling and letting an adult know when someone is being cruel to you.

Eventually, Big Bird forms his own club and later shows up at the leader of the Good Birds Club's apartment, destroying his universal remote control, knocking him unconscious with a floor lamp and wrapping him in a carpet. When the leader of the Good Birds Club manages to escape from the trunk of his car, Big Bird spends the rest of the episode chasing after him in the woods, where he follows his bloody footprints in the snow before losing him entirely. 

Or alternatively, the episode ends with an empowering message of love and self-acceptance brought to you by the color green and the number 2. You know, six of one, half a dozen of the other.