SNL adds new female cast member

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Now that America has decided that it's totally okay for attractive thin Caucasian women to make jokes about Asians and date rape on TV, it seems like every network exec is scrambling to find the next Great White Hope for female-driven comedy. In an effort to retain the girl power quotient after Kristen Wiig's contract expires in a few months, Lorne Michaels has cast comedian Kate McKinnon as a featured player on SNL. According to Deadline, McKinnon was selected from seven hopefuls, most of whom are also lady comics. 

McKinnon regularly performs at Upright Citizens' Brigade in New York City, and you also might recognize her as one of the editors-in-chief from 2010's Vag Magazine webseries (which I swear gets funnier as the series goes on). However, she's probably best-known for her work as a regular cast member on LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show, where she created the character of Fitzwilliam, a whimsical little English boy who yearns for a vagina. She's openly gay, making her the first out'n'proud lesbian to join the cast of SNL; perhaps more important than her sexual orientation, however, is that she's also pretty funny, which I'm told is useful when you're performing on a sketch-comedy show like SNL.

Apparently, Lorne isn't wasting any time getting McKinnon settled into Studio 8H: she'll be making her debut on next week's episode, hosted by Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Even though she probably won't do much beyond appearing as a back-up dancer in the What Up With That? number, people on the internet will probably be predicting her demise and complaining about the hiring of yet another white cast member before she even gets her first costume fitting, so brace yourself for the onslaught.