Work It gets canceled, ABC shows some sense after all

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Work It

Because there can only be one Bosom Buddies and, more importantly, this show was fucking terrible, Work It has been canceled by ABC after just two episodes.

Shockingly, audiences were not responding to Work It, which debuted to 6.1 million viewers and dropped to 5.1 million in its second week. Before it even premiered, the show received heavy criticism from groups like GLAAD for its insensitivity towards transgender people. TV critics then proceeded to savage it, calling it "charmless," "really insulting," and, my personal favorite, "something that ACTUALLY happened on the planet Earth, January 3, 2012." Now, it's been yanked from the line-up, making room for reruns of the Tim Allen show Last Man Standing. (Hallelujah!)

Prior to the cancelation, ABC seemed to be painfully unaware of how awful their new series was. Paul Lee, president of the ABC Entertainment Group, told reporters at the annual Television Critics Tour, "I didn't really get [the GLAAD criticism]. I loved Tootsie. I still love Tootsie. I didn't get it. But that's probably just me." You know what else, Paul? Tootsie never used the phrase "mancession." Just FYI.

GLAAD has welcomed the cancelation enthusiastically, releasing the following statement:

"While many of ABC's positive and groundbreaking portrayals of LGBT people have been critical and popular successes, the public had little interest in this outdated show. As a result of this campaign, an important dialogue has been started in Hollywood and the mainstream media about the real discrimination faced by transgender people today."

Also, with a hole in ABC's programming, it now seems inevitable that Cougar Town will claim Work It's place. High fives and champagne all around!