Watch: The “Family Guy” episode that predicted Osama’s video outtakes

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Following the Navy SEALs' dramatic raid on Osama bin Laden's Pakistani compound, a large cache of terrorist materials was recovered, including thumb drives, computers, cell phones, and various videotapes. Intelligence agencies are currently analyzing the materials, to aid in the war on terror. The government has released five videos featuring bin Laden, all with the sound cut out to prevent any possible dissemination of al-Qaeda propaganda.

Some of the videos show what appear to be outtakes from those culty propaganda videos that bin Laden filmed for his minions. Even al-Qaeda's grand poohbah wasn't immune to missed cues and lighting adjustments. His vanity was further underscored by the apparent dying of his normally-gray beard black for his video messages.

But the best part is, a 2005 episode of Family Guy has retrospectively exemplified how art can sometimes unintentionally, but presciently, imitate life. Episode fourteen of season four, or the "PTV" episode, features a cartoon bin Laden attempting to film one of his videos, to no avail, as he repeatedly cracks himself up and seems to morph into a Borscht-Belt comedian. Then Stewie Griffin shows up, and proceeds to clean house. It's only fitting that bin Laden be remembered as a narcissistic object of ridicule with a rubber chicken on his head.

Osama Bin Laden- Family Guy
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