Five reasons to watch the new season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

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The gang gets a good look at Frank's new billboard for Paddy's

It's that time again! Jump into your green Lycra suit, boil up a nice milksteak and grab your revolver, because It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia returns tonight for its seventh season. For those of you who are new to the show, and have been wondering what all the cats in mittens are about, well, parts of this might confuse you. That's why you should rethink your TV priorities and start watching Sunny


The newly rotund Rob McElhenney.

Reason 1: Fat Mac

Rob McElhenney's character has always been a narcissistic and sleeveless man of action. This season, he returns fifty pounds heavier than before, and it's sure to change Mac's characteristics and mood… which means there's a good chance that we'll see a fat man weep. Sad, but strangely hilarious.


The final tableau of

Reason #2: The Musicals!

Since Charlie first penned the words to "Nightman" (in crude, childish symbols representing words), music has been a huge part of the show. Not only have the songs been catchy and absurd, but they've also added another layer to Charlie — the illiterate, possibly retarded janitor soon revealed himself as an idiot savant able to pen an entire musical score around the Nightman. (It even toured briefly as a live show.) Another musical episode is slated for this season, centered around a children's beauty pageant (put on by none other than Frank). 


Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton in

Reason #3: The gang is going to adapt another movie

The staff over at Paddy's Pub aren't just musically inclined, but they've also got a cinematic bent. Last season's screening of Lethal Weapon 5 gave us not only a black-faced Mac as Lt. Murtaugh but Frank Reynolds in a softcore homage to The Room. Tonight's premiere, entitled "Frank's Pretty Woman," almost guarantees us another uncomfortable shot of Danny DeVito having sex.


Frank Reynolds finds a souvenir on the Jersey Shore

Reason #4: They make fun of Jersey Shore

In an attempt to reach out to you crazy kids, the gang'll be heading down the shore to catch some rays (along with a few other things by the looks of this picture.) It's too bad Mac will be too fat to go ab-to-ab against The Situation. 


Frank Reynolds for the Paddy's Pub egg.

Reason #5: Frank Reynolds. Period. 

The breakout character on Sunny has always been Frank, or at least since he was randomly added to the cast at the behest of DeVito himself. With his consistent drug use, firearm discharging, and seemingly unlimited funds (even after losing it all in a Ponzi scheme), Frank lives to both create and eventually resolve conflicts ranging from acid-induced tailgate parties to a new way to drink alcohol. Whatever the case, they will end with Frank firing his gun at someone.