Fix your period-drama withdrawal with these Downton Abbey paper dolls

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It's a sad fact, but we all have to face the fact that the second season of British import Downton Abbey will be over next week. The Christmas special, which will serve as the U.S. season finale, is so good. Not that I've seen it through less-than-legal means, or anything. The third series — we should be a bit British about this, after all — promises some amazing things, like Shirley MacLaine going toe-to-toe with Maggie Smith and, I dunno, maybe a shirtless Matthew or Branson. (Seriously, he's the hot, distant Irish socialist of my dreams.)

But while we wait, how will you get your fix of fancy dresses, old-timey insults, and barely repressed (and terribly middle class) emotions? Thankfully, the kind people over at Vulture set out to fix this problem with some Downton Abbey paper dolls. (No Branson, though. Boo.) Obviously, my favorite is the Dowager Countess:

You can head over to Vulture for the full-size versions, one of which has Lady Sybil in a NOW t-shirt, which is amazing. Let your secret Matthew/Mary fantasies run free, or conspire about secret evil deeds with O'Brien and Thomas, or just wile away the time judging the poor! It's fun for the whole family.