Former President Carter jokes about masturbation on “The Daily Show”

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Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Former President Jimmy Carter, continuing to enjoy a popular resurgence from a forgiving public, went on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night to discuss his new book, which comprises diary entries from his brief tenure in The White House.

Carter, of course, could not resist commenting on the Tea Party and the loony tunes anti-masturbation zealot it just pushed into a Senate nomination in Delaware. The ex-President never mentions Christine O'Donnell by name, but it's still a memorable interview — mostly because we now can't get an image of a young Jimmy Carter jacking off out of our heads.

The clip:

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If you're in a place that blocks or otherwise prevents you from seeing the clip, here's the exchange:

Carter: …people were looking for somebody outside, like the Tea Party is now… but I'm not completely compatible with the Tea Party… I haven't been invovled with witchcraft…

Stewart: The only response I have to that is — you're only 85, give it time.

Carter: I have one more confession to make… as a young man, I wasn't 100% against ma–

Stewart: All right, you don't have to — [Laughter] …I was not expecting you to go there.