Fox & Friends replaces Obama address laughter with cricket noises

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 Fox & Friends employees

So as we all know, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address last night to a politically non-segregated packed house. It was a fairly dry, workmanlike speech, effectively conveying salient points in an even-tempered manner, which we've come to expect from Obama. But he did have his humorous moments, with a couple jokes landing solidly.

Fox & Friends, the morning chat show on Fox News, didn't seem as amused, which isn't exactly earth-shattering news itself. Brian Kilmeade introduced a doctored clip of the two jokes that substituted the sound of crickets for actual audience laughter. The smoked salmon line in particular went over pretty good, in actuality — in the video, you can even see John Boehner reluctantly amused in the background. Just from a purely objective standpoint, cricket noises in this context just aren't funny, knowing that it's a blatant attempt to spin an undeniably successful reaction to a joke. It wouldn't surprise me if Fox News employees were contractually required to kiss a statue of Rupert Murdoch before leaving work each day.