Fox Houston asked to apologize for “Is TV Too Gay?” news segment

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The local Fox affiliate in Houston recently aired a news segment — after the "Born This Way" episode of Glee, natch — that asked the truly burning question, is TV too gay? The piece addresses the rise in gay characters on TV overall, but specifically mentions that the preceding episode of High-On-Poppers School Musical features two — two — same-sex couples, which means the characters probably aren't eunuchs like we all hoped and may make out or fuck or something. The debate was handed over to the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer and gay-rights activist Ray Hill, and you can watch the whole thing right now:

Is TV Too Gay?:

(The best part, in case you're curious and lazy, is when the anchor compares gays on TV to product placement: "You throw a soda in a movie, and within a few seconds everyone in the theater is thirsty for that particular brand." You hear that, men? One moment you're watching Brothers & Sisters, the next you're on your knees at the nearest bathhouse.)

As the flowers follow the rain, GLAAD is now asking for the station to apologize, which the station should do A) because GLAAD's right and B) because it's easier than dragging this shit out. Honestly, this is the sort of story that makes me wonder how often people are drunk at their jobs. It's bad enough to even ponder the question in your mind, but to actually ask it out loud? That's just stupid.