Fox is sorry for asking viewers if the Jews killed Jesus

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Fox News: not just fucking up in the USA! (Now there's a slogan. You're welcome, Fox marketing department.) It turns out that international versions of the oft maligned news channel can also make bafflingly offensive, totally avoidable mistakes. Fox Latin America has had to apologize to the general public for asking this somewhat seasonally inappropriate question on Facebook to promote a National Geographic special: who is responsible for the death of Jesus? With the options: Pontius Pilate, the Jewish People, or the High Priests. (It was Pilate, FYI. I mean, if you want to get technical about it. He was the judge at the trial, so it really was up to him.)

Apparently this question makes some people very angry! People like Jewish people, who maybe don't want the death of a major religion's god placed squarely (and incorrectly) on their shoulders? And also because, um, Jesus was a Jew? And because it's generally unadvisable to ascribe an act to an entire group of people? And because the Vatican denied the idea anyway in the '60s? And I could keep question talking for a while? But you probably get the idea?

Realizing they stepped in it, Fox Latin America quickly backtracked:

Fox Spokeswoman Guadalupe Lucero apologized on behalf of National Geographic, saying the poll was removed immediately and measures have been taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

Keep up the good work, Fox! The Onion can only produce so much content in one day, after all, and sometimes we all need a good laugh.