Fox News defends News Corp scandal: “Shouldn’t we move beyond it?”

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Fox News finally deigned to address their parent company's phone-hacking scandal with an awkward exchange between Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy and guest Robert Dilenschneider.

Doocy took the lamestream media to task for focusing too much on the scandal while neglecting the real issues. (Fox and Friends later featured a segment on Mila Kunis and a live performance from modern rock also-rans Lifehouse. Trenchant!)

So okay, standard-issue Fox News jab at other media outlets: check. But what about a comically overstated, sycophantic explanation of the events that grossly distorts the actual facts? 

Mr. Dilenschneider, the floor is yours:

"We know it's a hacking scandal, shouldn't we get beyond it at this point and really deal with the issue of hacking? I mean, CitiCorp has been hacked into, Bank of America has been hacked into, American Express has been hacked into, insurance companies have been hacked into. We've got a serious hacking problem in this country… CitiGroup, great bank, Bank of America, great bank. Are they getting the same kind of attention for hacking that took place less than a year ago that News Corp is getting today?"

Did you see that? Did you blink and miss it? Dilenschneider connected the attacks on Citigroup with the News Corp scandal while failing to mention that News Corp were the ones that did the hacking, rather than the other way around. Then he blames it on the media!

It has a dark kind of genius to it. And I've found that you can actually derive quite a bit of entertainment pleasure from Fox News by watching it as performance art or high acting, rather than news. The amount of poise it has to take for a rational human being to keep a straight face during this kind of insane blather is unreal. Either Doocy deserves an Oscar, or he's a Terminator. I'm not sure which explanation I prefer.