Fox News guest thinks women are asking for sex by dressing immodestly

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On Monday's Hannity, the host had on Grammy-winning pop singer Rebecca St. James (me neither), as well as Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, to discuss their reactions to the international "slut walk" protests that began in Canada, spread to Boston, and will be crossing the pond to England next month. You'll remember that the whole movement was triggered by the sexist comments of a Toronto police officer back in January, who stated that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing like sluts.

The panel was unanimous in agreeing that you should never blame the victim. Holder reinforced the point by saying, "Just because you're dressed provocatively, does not mean that you welcome an abuser." But while St. James (who said she loves the "Modest is Hottest" t-shirt) more or less concurred, she added that there had to be a "personal responsibility" for what a woman wears, and that "purity and modesty go hand-in-hand," and that women are "asking for sex by dressing immodestly."

Holder was disturbed by these comments, which essentially echo the original sentiments of the sexist cop. She pointed out that forty-four percent of all girls who are raped are under the age of eighteen, that Christine O'Donnell said using a vibrator was cheating on her husband, and that Senator Jim DeMint thinks sexually active, unmarried women shouldn't be teaching, by way of illustrating the misogyny of our society. Holder maintained there's nothing wrong with being a sexual object and looking attractive. I agree with her. American women should enjoy their freedoms with regard to choice of dress. Getting bundled up in Amish garb isn't going to eliminate the underlying pathologies of disturbed individuals.