Fox News rips Adam Levine for hosting Survivor, wearing caps

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adam levine

After Adam Levine asked Fox News to never play his music on its "evil fucking channel" ever again, we all waited with bated breath for the response. It's finally arrived and, in typical Fox News fashion, it's purely baffling majesty.

Red Eye's Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld decided to start off their comedy bit by playing it dumb. "Hey did you see what Adam Levine tweeted on Wednesday?" Levy asks. Gutfeld has not, and does not know who Levine is (though he seems to find his band's name gross). After rereading the tweet, they decide to play some Maroon 5 to understand this angry phantom. Gutfeld proceeds to make the face most people make when inhaling noxious gases or, you know, watching Fox News.

But these two jokesters are only getting started. "I know what that is, Andy. It's crap! If you go to iTunes and search under the category called 'Crap,' that comes up!" Gutfled zings. Levy actually gets in a decent dig about Maroon 5 making Coldplay seem edgy, but is totally overshadowed by Gutfeld, who calls Levine out for being one of those jackasses who always wears a cap. Oh, and he hosts a game show! Burn!

While he's recovering from those searing insults, maybe Levine should talk to his lawyer. Because I think there are these handy things called licensing laws that could resolve this whole issue.