Fox temporarily pulls “New Girl” to expand “The X Factor” to two full hours

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Have you found yourself thinking recently, "You know, these ninety-minute long episodes of The X Factor are great, but what I really want are two-hour long episodes?" No, of course you haven't, because no one thinks that! Except I guess the people at Fox do, because they've messed around with their schedule to accommodate this thing we need like a hole in the head. (We already have this show three times over. Three! Haven't we run out of singers yet? Dear God, when will we run out of singers?)

And who is the main casualty in this war to bring us ever more screeching pop embryos? The delightful Zooey Deschanel-helmed comedy New Girl. (Oh wait, is it delightful? Do we hate her right now? Am I supposed to be in a backlash to the backlash yet? Goddamn it, where's my newest edition of Hipster Weekly?!) As reported by The Futon Critic, Fox will be pulling the show tomorrow night, the 18th, and the 25th — giving it nearly a one month break between its first three episodes and the following three. (Though, for what it's worth, Hulu still thinks we're getting a new episode this week.) That's the way to build up an audience for a promising new sitcom, right?

Whether you like the show or not — and, for the record, I absolutely do so far — it seems like a shame that a season of pilots that seemed so promising for female creators, writers, and actors has already hit so many stumbling blocks. Of the two shows created by comedian Whitney Cummings, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, one is already squandering a great premise while the other is full of jokes that were getting tired in 1996. Chelsea Handler's Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea, got pushed to mid-season (and also does not look great). And now Elizabeth Meriwether's charming young show is getting the dreaded network shell game treatment.

But hey, at least we can comfort ourselves with the ramblings of Paula Abdul, right? Now that is some quality programming.

Update: Zooey has attributed the bump to "baseball stuff." How adorkable.