Judd Apatow and the Freaks and Geeks cast unite, talk about what would have been

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This weekend, the Freaks and Geeks cast met up for a PaleyFest panel and discussed what their alter-egos might have gotten up to since the last time we saw them. The cast of Undeclared was also there, as was Judd Apatow, the creator of both short-lived-turned-cult-classic TV shows.

So, where are the F&G characters today? According to Busy Philipps, a.k.a Kim Kelly, F&G's resident bad girl actually grew up to be Philipps' current character, Laurie Keller from Cougar Town  — but not before getting seriously into Nirvana in the early '90s. Samm Levine thinks Neal Schweiber's geekiness finally paid off, in the form of becoming a Silicon Valley millionaire and marrying a supermodel.

Apatow also discussed the plans he had for the characters' short-term futures. In the follow-up season that never was, Linda Cardellini's Lindsay Weir was going to return from summer break as a Dead-loving acid-head and Kim was going to get knocked up and do the school play. Wait. That sounds awesome. Why was this show canceled again?