Friday Night Lights will be a movie again. But why?

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Friday Night Lights, as we all know, is a perfect television show. It took what's been done millions of times before: high school, small towns, football — and turned it into a heartfelt, moving, exciting five seasons of television. Fans of the show have always been rabid, and I proudly count myself among those psychos. But a new movie version of Friday Night Lights? I'm ambivalent — why take a chance with a good thing? 

But I guess Peter Berg, show creator and director of the original film version, probably wants to cleanse his palate after his first directorial follow-up, Battleship. Berg has been in talks with executive producer Jason Katims for a new Friday Night Lights film. Which is… weird. The appeal of movie follow-ups to television shows is mostly the chance of seeing your favorite characters get the two-hour, fully rounded goodbye they're due. Friday Night Lights had its goodbye, albeit on a weird satellite network (if a tree falls on DirecTV, does that tree make a sound?), so why draw it out? Where could the movie possibly go that the series didn't?

Look, I get that we're all going to miss ugly-crying at Matt Saracen's relationship with his grandma and Tami's tough talk and don't even talk to me about "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." But Kyle Chandler needs to become a movie star independent of Coach Taylor.