Glenn Beck charging $500 per handshake in an Ohio county with 15.8% unemployment

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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, who one blogger calls "the Pasty Prince of Propaganda," is bringing his radio and TV shows to Wilmington, Ohio tonight, a town people may remember from the 60 Minutes piece which documented the struggles of residents who had lost their jobs when their main employer, DHL, shut their doors for good in 2008, costing Wilmingtonians 10,000 jobs.

Clinton County, where Wilmington is located, currently has an unemployment rate of 15.8%. And this is where Mr. Beck will be charging $125 a ticket to attend tonight's show, Glenn Beck Presents: America's First Christmas. And if you're going to choose listening to Mr. Beck over food, why not just go for broke and pony up the $500 to "personally" meet the empathetic populist himself? Recent reports indicate that seats are still available, starting in the seventh row, if you want to listen to Glenn Beck, in the flesh, rally the spirits of an economically hard-hit, Midwestern town. A town that will be a little harder-hit after tonight.