Glenn Beck might get his own TV network

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Glenn Beck

Even though ratings for his show on Fox News are actually down thirty-nine percent from last year, Glenn Beck has come down with what I like to call "a case of the Oprahs," and may have plans to launch his very own channel. Though Beck himself only commented to call Fox News "the most important voice in America today," rumors have been gaining momentum as the end of his contract with Fox draws closer.

Sources tell the New York Times that not only is Beck pondering his own channel, but that he already has senior Fox News executive Joel Cheatwood on board to join the project. A terrifying prospect all around, to be sure, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that if this hypothetical all-Beck-everything channel does get off the ground, it will face significant competition from that other 24-hour outlet for inappropriate expression of emotion and crazy conspiracy theories — the internet.