Glenn Beck’s ratings are down 39% from last year

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Rejoice, as Glenn Beck's popularity seems to be declining as quickly as it ascended. In 2009, Beck's TV show had a staggering 2.8 million viewers. (Imagine all those people voting gleefully for some of the worst ideas in the history of American ideology. It chills the blood.) Today, he's down to 1.8 million, which is still appalling but represents progress. A quick recap of Beck's greatest hits:

        • claimed that Barack Obama was a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred of white people"

        • told his audience he "could not disprove" the existence of FEMA-run concentration camps rounding up conservatives

        • suggested shooting Guantanamo detainees

        • claimed that Al Gore was creating a "Hitler Youth"

        • etc, etc

Beck's ratings may be down, but Bill O'Reilly is apparently still feeling threatened, judging by his recent attempts to reclaim the mantle of "most ludicrous blowhard on television." Poll: do you think Glenn Beck knows how the moon got there? Did Barack Obama put it there as part of an Islamofascistosocialist plot? Stay tuned.