Gloria Steinem wants us to boycott The Playboy Club

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Gloria Steinem, regulation hottie and hero to young women the world over, is a boss. We know this. So when Steinem suggests a boycott of the previously somewhat appealing The Playboy Club on NBC, we must listen. When asked about the realistic qualities of the show, Steinem said, "clearly 'The Playboy Club' is not going to be accurate. It was the tackiest place on earth. It was not glamorous at all."

Steinem is speaking from experience, of course, from her infamous undercover stint as a Playboy Bunny whilst writing an article for Show magazine. The article also opens Steinem's book Outrageous Acts and Every Day Rebellions, and goes through the audition process for being a Bunny, the brutal hours, conditions and pay. Totally worth the read, as are all of Steinem's essays, but even without putting in the literary time it's not difficult to imagine that anything involving Playboy isn't as swell as it seems. In fact, what with The Girls Next Door and various exposes written from past Playmates, any mystique that it might have once said has been shattered. Now everything Playboy really has that overwhelming octogenarian editor-in-chief stench. In the immortal words of Billy Bush, it's gross.

Then again, it's just a TV show trying to cop some of Mad Men's swinging '60s ratings. And it's an hour-length drama on NBC, of course it's going to be ridiculous. This is the network that greenlit The Event. Is a fancy, Amber Heard-starring glossed-over version of the original Playboy club really going to be all that dangerous? Will you boycott with Steinem or give the show a chance?