GQ editor and “Glee” actress respond to outcry after racy photo shoot

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Remember those Glee photos we posted the other day — the ones shot for GQ by well known perv Terry Richardson? The internet was split on whether you found the photos hot or gross. The hot camp was basically all in agreement ("Hot."), but the other side was split: one half, led by the Parents Television Council, felt the photos bordered on pedophilia and were too sexual for a show like Glee, which has a large young-adult audience. (Really? They made a scissoring joke like a week ago!)

The other half saw the usual photo-shoot sexism — the girls in their underwear making awkward sexy face, the guys getting to actually do stuff (like playing drums) with nary a pec or an Apollo's belt in sight. It didn't help that Richardson was involved.

Now, two people involved with the shoot have responded. First, there was GQ editor Jim Nelson:

As often happens in Hollywood, these "kids" are in their twenties… Cory Monteith is almost thirty! I think they're old enough to do what they want.

Which, point to Nelson. All the actors are very much of age, even if they play high schoolers on TV. That addresses the pedophilia issue, but what about the other claim? Dianna Agron responded on her blog and showed a bit of ambivalence:

I am twenty-four years old. I have been a pretty tame and easy-going girl my whole life. Nobody is perfect, and these photos do not represent who I am… At the time, it wasn’t my favorite idea, but I did not walk away. I must say, I am trying to live my life with a sharpie marker approach. You can’t erase the strokes you’ve made, but each step is much bolder and more deliberate.

Statements like that probably won't help mitigate Richardson's reputation for coercing his subjects into doing things they're uncomfortable with. To me, everyone was well within their rights to do the shoot. But frankly, the end product came off as desperate and, even worse, boring.