Harvey Keitel might replace Steve Carell on “The Office”

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Harvey Keitel might replace Steve Carell on "The Office"

If Michael Scott was real, watched his own show, and was asked to pick an actor to replace himself, something tells me that he'd sound a lot like Paul Lieberstein, the executive producer who wants Harvey Keitel to replace Steve Carrell as the boss of The Office. "He's probably the only guy who can do it," Lieberstein said of Keitel, preemptively hurting the feelings of whichever actor actually ends up getting the role.

But still, the man has a point. Bringing in, say, Rhys Darby or Danny McBride would simply maintain The Office's status as a really good show, whereas someone with Keitel's deadpan intensity could elevate the sitcom to the level of high art, perhaps on par with one of those Hal Hartley films in your Netflix queue.

Or something. For now, this scenario is merely one producer's wish. In the meantime, we want to know who you think should move into Michael Scott's office. Discuss in the comments!