Big changes today over at HBO: the network has announced that three of its original series — Bored To Death, Hung, and How To Make It In America will not be returning for another season. (Honestly? No big loss on the second and third, there. But I will be sad to see Bored To Death go.) That's a significant chunk of the premium channel's comedies, and only one show with its future in question, Enlightened, made the cut and will be back for more episodes. But I guess all the critical praise that show received in its debut season reminded network executives that HBO sometimes has shows that people are really into, as opposed to the general "meh" machine that was Hung. It certainly wasn't saved because of its ratings:

Ironically, of the four comedies whose future was on the line, "Enlightened" had the smallest audience. Only 1.5 million viewers tuned in to see the Laura Dern and Mike White exec produced series about a woman (Dern) who returns home from a treatment center to face a mind-numbing job in the corporate world.

While this was a lot of change in one day, especially for a network like HBO, which doesn't have a huge amount of original programming to start with, there are quite a few new series waiting to take these now-open spots. Just last week we saw the first trailer for the Judd Apatow/Lena Dunham collaboration Girls, and soon that will be joined by VEEP (starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and created by Armando Iannucci), Ricky Gervais's Life's Too Short, and Angry Boys from Summer Heights High creator Chris Lilley. 

A bit early for a big spring cleaning, maybe, but a line-up like that elbowing for room on the schedule makes the loss of Jonathan Ames' bizarro private detective a bit easier to swallow.

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Commentarium (13 Comments)

Dec 20 11 - 5:53pm
Saratoga Slim

Well, I'll be, hanged!

Dec 20 11 - 6:08pm

Well concrats HBO you suck. Bored To Death nd How To Make In America To a lesser extent were great shows.

Dec 20 11 - 6:23pm
HipHop Hippo

Gosh, I adored Bored to Death, it was quirky and dry and absurd and not really a mainstream taste, but that's why it was on HBO. For a small niche to leave for at least three solid little seasons.

Dec 20 11 - 6:25pm

Bah! Bored to Death was smart, funny show.

Dec 20 11 - 7:33pm
am i the only one...

who liked Hung? :(

Dec 20 11 - 8:45pm

Yeah... I had to stop watching it, even as a Detroit native. But I will say a kind word for "How to Make It." People fairly say that it had as much to do with living in New York as "Sex and the City" did, but the cast sailed through and the writing was surprising sometimes. Plus, Gina Gershon on the last season..

Dec 20 11 - 7:52pm

Bored to Death got to popular, so the hipsters all decided they couldn't watch it any more.

Dec 20 11 - 10:38pm

I was a big fan of How to Make it in America, sad to hear it was cancelled.

Dec 20 11 - 11:39pm

Sad to see Bored go, but Hung and How To Make It were awful. Unfortunately, none of the replacement shows mentioned interest me at all.

Dec 21 11 - 4:36am

Hung was fun and How To Make it was excellent, Bored to death was as appropriately named, watched 1x and that was 1x too many. Anyway ShowTime has so much better programming now as does STARZ, HBO is so yesterday

Dec 21 11 - 9:52am

Those are the kinds of shows that were making me seriously consider dumping HBO.

Dec 21 11 - 10:07am
Wait Five Minutes

"Hung" wasn't any good at all.

Dec 21 11 - 4:55pm

Loved season one of Hung but then it just...went flaccid in Season 2...less funny, more generally annoying, hard to like any of the characters. Bored to Death was a great DVD rental, but I don't really feel a loss at no more seasons. Didn't see that other show.