Hear the “Thriller”-Yeah Yeah Yeahs mash-up from the upcoming post-Superbowl “Glee” episode

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While Glee's had a spotty relationship with mash-ups — seriously, the less said about the "Umbrella" meets "Singing In the Rain" one the better — but I think this one sort of works? I mean, as much as any kind of cover of "Thriller" can work, given that the original is pretty legendary. But criticizing Glee for doing covers is like criticizing a fish for being wet all the time; there's no point. (But seriously, fish, get it together. You're just embarrassing yourselves.)

Something tells me that no matter how good a mash-up Glee makes, it won't exactly grab the Superbowl crowd. (Of course, it's not like Glee needs to grab a bigger audience.) Will you be tuning in to the much touted episode, readers? Or has the show's see-saw quality driven you away? I know I'll be watching, but then again, I'm easy.