Here are all the historical anachronisms from Downton Abbey in one montage

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If you're a viewer of Downton Abbey — and, really, at this point, how much more do we have to pimp out the amazing BBC series before you give it a chance? — every now and then a certain aura of incongruity hits you. It could be a strange tossed-off line, a certain missing accent, or just the way someone holds a phone. The motion or choice-of-phrasing seems a bit too… contemporary.

There's an inherent risk when you set a series in the past. (People are still arguing about how accurate David Milch's dialogue in Deadwood was for the time period — The Great Cocksucker Debate.) Luckily, for the most part, this anachronistic behavior is quickly glossed over and viewers are right back in the thick of period drama.

But that wasn't enough for Ben Zimmer over at Slate, who compiled all the iffy lines spoken in Downton Abbey's second season into one easy-to-digest short video. (Spoilers for the second season of the show, obviously.)