Here’s an extremely long Q&A with Louis C.K.

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Louis C.K. is a reporter's dream right now. Not only does he have an ever-increasing number of projects, all of which are both critically-acclaimed and massively popular, making it super-easy to sell his newsworthiness to an editor, but he almost can't help but be honest and open while talking about his life. (Rather than, say, a flash-in-a-pan celebrity who looks to their business manager before answering every question, worried that their tenuous grasp on "being someone important" might be destroyed by a slip of the tongue.) Add to that the fact that C.K.'s as funny a person working today, and no wonder he seems to be appearing in every magazine, TV news show, and website around.

If there is a negative that comes with interviewing C.K., it's that he almost gives off too much great stuff. Instead of the reporter knowing exactly which key quotes will make it into the piece, C.K.'s interviews are so jam-packed with quality and cover so many areas, it's nearly impossible to cull the good from the rest. Luckily for us all, when Jonah Weiner — a reporter interviewing C.K. for a profile in Rolling Stone — found himself saddled with that challenge, he simply transcribed the whole thing and threw the 11,000-word monster up at his website.

So, if you're interested in reading even more about Louis C.K.'s life, his comedic inspirations, and behind-the-scenes machinations of his movies, shows and comedy specials, then you're going to want to click the link.