Here’s Anthony Bourdain’s “A Krampus Carol” that was banned by the Travel Channel

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Acid-tongued celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations Holiday Show will be airing tonight, and judging by a recent blog post of Bourdain's, it's going to be a lively, ribald affair. Bourdain wrote:

"What do Norah Jones, Christopher Walken, the band "****ed Up, Vegan Black Metal Chef Sam Brown, nightmare of Eastern European folklore Krampus, the Catalonian Pooping Log, Dave Arnold, chefs Lidia Bastianich, April Bloomfield, Kurt Gutenbrunner, Eder Montero, Alexandra Raij, Carlos Llaguno Morales, and the voices of Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern have in common? They all foolishly agreed to appear in our scandalous, dark, action-packed fever dream of a Holiday Show which airs this Monday, December 12th at 10 PM — when, presumably, the kiddies will be asleep."

Even if the kiddies are dozing peacefully, the Travel Channel still felt that the stop-motion, animated short featuring Krampus (a demonic, mythical, children-punishing creature feared in Alpine countries) wasn't in good taste, especially in light of the recent Penn State scandal: they nixed the segment.

Bourdain had come up with the Nightmare Before Christmas-esque story of "A Krampus Carol," based on the European legend of St. Nicholas' dark henchman who handles the naughty list on December 5, the eve of St. Nicholas Day, swatting kids with switches and rusty chains before dragging them away to his fiery lair. It perfectly suits Bourdain's humbug side, and it's quite possible that he had caught the Colbert Report episode in 2009 when Krampus paid a visit looking like a roadie for Gwar. As you can see in the other video below, Krampusnacht is still celebrated in central Europe on December 5, with mostly young men dressing up as Krampus and drunkenly terrorizing the streets.