Did you guys know that Glee is still on the air? Unbelievable, I know, because that show has less characterization than a five-year old's picture book. But the iTunes juggernaut proceeds apace, and I keep watching it. Why, you ask? Well, two reasons: one, I am a theater queer at heart, and so I will watch anything that involves musicals, even tangentially. (That's why I'm suffering through Smash.) Two, Blaine, played by Darren Criss, is incredibly handsome, and I will watch him and his perfect bow-tie-adorned outfits from now until forever.

And now — probably because he sensed my increasing uncertainty about the show — Ryan Murphy has cast living Disney prince Matt Bomer as Blaine's older brother, Cooper Anderson. (Har har.) Then he had them sing a weirdly sexy song? I'm trying not to read too much into this rendition of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know," but there's a bit of an incest vibe, y/n?

Is it just because Bomer and Criss are so handsome I want to faint like a '60s schoolgirl meeting the Beatles? I admit that's a possibility, but it still seems like an odd choice for estranged brothers. Of course, it's a choice that worked: I'll definitely be tuning in next Tuesday.

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Commentarium (8 Comments)

Apr 03 12 - 5:37pm

I didn't realize people watched Glee

Apr 03 12 - 5:54pm

Some of us just aren't sure how to stop.

Apr 03 12 - 7:40pm

In a fit of sleep deprivation I rewatched the whole second season on Netflix. Matt Bomer is the reason I got a tv. Those two sentences are not related.

Apr 06 12 - 2:38am

Matt Bomer. He is ridiculously hot. Also, what is a glee? Those three sentences are only tangentially related.

Apr 03 12 - 9:05pm

1. I stopped listening to Glees music when it started turning into karaoke renditions.

2. Definitely awkward.

Apr 03 12 - 10:10pm
Little GH


Apr 04 12 - 10:41am

So good. I still love Gotye's original of course. :]

Yeah, people have been complaining that this is a break-up song so it can be used for brothers, but the parts that they used can be described estranged brothers.
Plus the lighting is fantastic.

May 18 12 - 4:20pm

Love the song. Loved Matt Bomer's singing voince (never knew of it), and i just love Darren Criss in everything. But the song has absolutely nothing to do with the story or the episode! It's like they weren't paying attention to the lyrics at all! They just needed the publicity...Great rendition tho'.