Hillary Clinton lashes out at the Kardashians for giving America a bad name

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Hillary Clinton

Probably ensuring that they end up awards show presenters together, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week took reality tv queens The Kardashians to task for misrepresenting the true face of America in the eyes of the world.  

In an interview on Australian radio, Clinton told hosts Hamish and Andy:

"Kardashians are exactly" what gives American culture a bad name… If you look at American TV as much of the rest of the world does, you would think we all went around wrestling and wearing bikinis. I mean, that's what you would think we spend our entire day doing, right?"  

"So instead of viewing us as a caricature, a kind of reality-TV version of America," she went on, "I think it's important…to be present to…try to make some connections."

Secretary Clinton then set her DVR to tape the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in order to keep up with who Kim's dating. You know, for the integrity of the country.